Insurance Technology

For insurers, intermediaries and digital businesses

Sophisticated technology that enables you rapidly innovate insurance products, go to market faster, increase your revenues and cut down your costs.

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What we do

Legacy insurance systems have made it harder for the industry to innovate, eliminate inefficiencies and improve customer experience. This situation has had an impact in the overall penetration in the country and in the continent, and that is where we come in. Through automation and machine learning, we have created a lean and efficient technology infrastructure that enables insurers, intermediaries and any digital business thinking of offering insurance products manage policies and claims more efficiently, innovate products more rapidly and distribute them digitally. This way, we ensure your revenues skyrocket, and your costs dwindle.

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Our technology offering

We are a one stop shop that offers digital insurance solutions to key industry players as well as the end customer

Technology Infrastructure

Our modern and sophisticated technology allows insurers, agents, brokers and digital businesses rapidly innovate products and sell them on the fly. The system is fully secured and flexible and ready to integrate insurance solutions in your already existing offering. Through our APIs, we are able to integrate seemlessly with your sales channels and customer communication, so you can provide the right insurance products for your customers on the go.

White Label Services

Powered by the state-of-the-art technology, we provide a portfolio of white labelled digital insurance products for rapid deployment by insurance companies and intermediaries. We offer core insurance modules including policy management, claims handling, product development, data analytics and many others. We provide the technology so you can focus more on your customers and building your brand.

Insurance Products

We are pursuing a licence from the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) to offer short term insurance products in Kenya. This will enable us change how customers purchase insurance by digitising the whole value chain, end-to-end. Customers will now have the freedom to choose plans and benefits that fit their needs and disregard those that don't. We believe the era of buying a "one size fits all" solution, is long gone.

What you get

Let our technology take your business where it should be!

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    Reduced time to market by 80%
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    Less costs, no manual processes and inefficiencies
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    Unmatched customer experience for your clients
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    Increase your revenues by exploring untapped markets
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    Innovate and develop products on the fly
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Check out our most frequently asked questions

What is Insurance-as-a-Service (IaaS) ?
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IaaS is a business model that offers pre-built elements of the insurance value chain. Insurance companies, intermediaries and digital businesses access core insurance modules that only interests them e.g. policy management, claims handling, fraud detection etc. on a subscription basis and empower their insurance based operations.

How can this model add value to my business?
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This depends on your business strategic focus. So whether you are trying to digitize your operations to offer digital insurance solutions, or, you are thinking of adding insurance component into your existing offering, you don't need to start from scratch. You don't need an overhaul restructuring or purchasing expensive softwares and systems to manage this. We offer these services on a subscription basis through seamless integrations, so that all your effort is directed towards revenues and customer experience.

How much does it cost?
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Pricing depends on the solution your business deems fit and the kind of integrations needed. We always scope out the project, agree on objectives and goals and then price accordingly.

How long is the integration process?
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Depending on the complexity of the integration and the different existing technolgies of our clients, integration could take a maximum of 90 days (3 months).

Do i have to purchase everything in the value chain?
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No. We operate on a modular approach and what this means is, you can choose to buy a particular module(s) that works for your business only e.g you can pay for claims handling and policy management only and forego KYC, undewriting, data analytics etc.

How can i get in touch?
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Request a free demo on our contacts page. Fill in the necessary information and send it to us, we will you give you a call right back. Alternatively, you can reach out through our social media pages indicated at the footer.